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Buy 0300 Number with free line rental - limited period offer

Low monthly payment - includes call handling

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Free business line rental selected numbers

+ Discounts if you have more than one line


£15 per month

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£25 per month

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£40 per month

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0300 numbers - £15 per month:

Unbeatable features for cost

For government & charities only

Free business line rental included

5000 free minutes compare

Free connection / free transfer / low monthly cost

Call handling and instant disaster recovery

Number is virtualised - redirect to any UK standard landline

Redirect to UK mobile from 3p per minute

Calls can also be redirected to any country

Huge range of Bronze, Silver & Gold numbers available

No installation - easy activation - same day - cloud based

When you purchase 0300 low call number with Boxclever you do not need any extra phone lines or infrastructure at all - just a simple activation to a number of your choice & a small monthly fee from £15. All numbers come with free business line rental (optional), MyNumbers advanced call handling, free minutes & Disaster Recovery.

If you are a Uk based charity MyNumbers Call handling is free of charge

Get number & start advertising your new number within hours.

If you are a charity or other non-for-profit organisations you can buy 0300 number at variety of costs depending on how memorable you want your number. 0300 numbers are 'Virtual' and low cost to call. This means that you can choose any memorable number, irrespective of where you are based & all calls will be seamlessly redirected to your existing landline. Providing you are a charity or government related organisation, it does not matter how small or large your telephone infrastructure is or how many existing telephone lines you have this is the optimum number.

0300 number main features are:

  • Unlimited free minutes
  • Free set up / Free transfer
  • Business line rental included - optional
  • Low monthly cost
  • Low cost for callers to call from landline
  • Free to call with inclusive minutes (Callers calling your number)
  • Huge choice of Silver, Bronze & Gold numbers available.
  • Option to transfer you existing number to us
  • 5000 free minutes per month with all 0300 numbers
  • Feature rich number redirects
  • SilverCloud - Disaster Recovery. (Building outage - remote working)
  • Route to Multiple numbers
  • Call queuing
  • Re-route calls to voicemail, voice prompts, mobiles or other offices when out-of-hours
  • Geographic routing according to users location
  • Play announcements and/or announcements based on number dialled (if using multiple numbers)
  • Manage your own prompts & announcements
  • Load balance inbound calls between offices
  • Drop out of queue - Request callback facility
  • Accelerate preferential calls - Filter unwanted calls
  • Inbound caller menus (Caller presses numbers for departments)