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14 Years of experience delivering bespoke Telecom services globally

A unified solution -A resilient network - A respected company

Boxclever is not yet-another reseller paying to operate supported services managed by external a Network Operator - we are a Network Operator. Boxclever is an in-house service developed & operated solely by Citrus Telecommunications, a long established & respected BT interconnected carrier grade wholesale telecom solutions provider.

We are of course regulated & audited by OfCom (Government communications watchdog regulator).

Because of our experience in developing small to large scale bespoke Telecom solutions, Boxclever is able supply services to small, medium, large & reseller businesses that require either individual services or a unified communications solution. Whatever the size of your enterprise our clients do not simply receive a middle-man standardised product, BoxClever specialise's in providing powerful telephony solutions at the best cost & with the best technical support available.

BoxClever came into being because we knew that there was a need for businesses to bundle top quality services from one provider. As one of the UK's leading independent telecom network operators, we came up with a comprehensive range of flexible, future proof telecom solutions to help you to develop your business at a very, very competitive rate.

System security & network reliability:
We operate a geographically separated, Fully Redundant, Class 5 Next Generation Network (NGN)

Our system is a state-of-the-art secured switching network and a features multiple location auto-fail over redundancy. This may sound complicated but essentially means that we have planned our Disaster Recovery strategy in finite detail , carefully bringing together all the elements that make a reliable network with an uncompromising approach to call quality. This means that in the unlikely event that our system should suffer a connection issue, we instantly fail over to a geographically diverse site. This arrangement means that the possibility that you will notice any change to your service is absolutely minimised.

As we supply services to a major UK network operator & major banking institutions, our network has been pressure tested for resilience and security. DR configuration is available for all inbound call services.

Technical Support
Global Partnerships
Latest - BoxClever launches VoIP Express

Author: DC - 01|11|12

VoIP Express is service designed to circumnavigate the common issues of customers using a VoIP Line (with a Softphone, IP Phone or PABX IP Telephone system) over common broadband connections. The common issues with this type of connectivity is either a slow connection at peak times or the use of broadband connections for internet, data transferring clogging up the line. VoIP Express provides a dedicated traffic lane for voice data which does not go over the public internet. Instead all voice calls are configured to pass direct (both ways) into our network, the traffic is then handled by our intelligent network (if you have a business number), before going back over the more conventional telephone network. Even as a stand alone system this service greatly enhances the reliability and quality of calls. If you integrate this with VoIP Line Rental, & SilverCloud customers can have unrivalled call handling, uncompromising call quality & a comprehensive facility to manage the communications continuity for call traffic. VoIp Express resolves important problems which have thus far prevented business switching to VoIP & has become an instrumental part of our unified solution for business, finally making VoIP a credible & reliable contemporary provision.

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