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On the BT network but cheaper - line rental comparison

* with feature-rich disaster recovery { in the cloud }


30% Cheaper than BT


Feat: Essential DR Get ServiceGet land LineLite for business


With call handling


Feat: Advanced DR Get ServiceLinePro

Calls Only

Keep your provider

UK Mobile - 5p

BT but cheaper Get ServiceCalls only

Transfer Line

No Charge

Restart line £30

Same day turnaround Transfer Line NowRestart Line
Line Rental comparison
Line Rental Disaster Recovery Local / National Mobile 0870 Capped Call Set Up
£11.95 SilverCloud 1p/2p peak 5p 10p No 1.5p
£15.45 No 9p 12p 22.2p No 15p
£14.95 No 8.41p 7.95p 11.3p Capped 13.87p
£14.99 No 9.94p 19.35p 11.24p Capped 14.94p

*DISCLAIMER: All copyrights, trademarks and trade names are acknowledged. Rates used in comparison: BT standard Business Phone Line (1 year contract), TalkTalk Business Essentials - Basic rental plan. BT mobile rates are based on Daytime rates only. BT call capping requires £200 annual spend commitment. Virgin based on Direct dialled call charges and standard line rental service. Sourced from respective web sites 11/06/2013 and may vary at any time without notice. Information is for guidance only and does not constitute any contractual representation or warranty. Liability for errors, omissions or consequential loss is expressly disclaimed. Prices shown exclude VAT, discounts, special offers, promotions, charges etc

LineLite Business phone Line Rental: Essential Features

Tip: To retain call queuing & voice prompts when your telephone system goes down upgrade to LinePro - a feature rich DR upgrade for only £6 pm extra.

LineLite Line Rental

With essential Disaster Recovery

Single, multiple & transferred lines all same price
£11.95 pm


Caller Display £1 Allows you to see the phone number of the person calling you
Call Waiting £1 With Call Waiting, a beep alerts you to another call that is coming in
Call Diversion (No announcement) £1.50 From your handset you can set a divert to another UK land line, mobile phone, or an overseas number
Call Diversion (with announcement) £1.50 This is the same as Call Diversion (no announcement) but the person dialing your number will hear an announcement that their call is being diverted
Smart Divert £2.40 Smart Divert enables your calls to follow you without you having to return to your own phone. (These is a setup charge associated to this service)
Voicemail - 1571 £1 This is a basic voicemail service asking the caller to leave a message in the event of no answer, or your line is busy
Voicemail - Call Minder Standard £2.45 Call Minder is a voice messaging service. This service answers calls and records messages on no reply or if engaged
Presentation Number £1 The presentation number service allows you to set the number that appears when you dial out from your line
Call Barring £1 You can barr certain types of calls from being made from your phone or bar incoming calls
Three way call £1 Three Way Calling is quick and easy conference calling that saves you making lots of different calls at different times
Ring back £1 Your phone will ring when the number you were trying is free so you don’t spend time re-dialing the engaged number
LinePro Advanced Features

Tip: You can also take advantage of these features on day-to-day calls if you take a business number with us.


With advanced disaster recovery

Single, multiple & transferred lines all same price

This service comes with:
SilverCloudExplore exactly how this works here SilverCloud Hover for more info A fail over solution that offers a seamless handover of all IP inbound calls to another landline, office or mobile phone in case of an interruption to your internet service.
Breakdown of SilverCloud features:
Number Translation Hover for more info Simple or feature-rich advanced number redirect services can be activated from non-geographic numbers.
Destinations Hover for more info Where calls are routed to sites with multiple numbers.
Geographic Routing Hover for more info Geographic routing allows for calls to be routed according to caller location.
Caller Presentation Hover for more info For customers running call centres receiving calls for multiple organisation's, a presentation announcement can be played to identify the organisation based on the number dialed.
Prompt Management Hover for more info Business users manage their own prompts and announcements.
Call Queuing Hover for more info Avoid losing calls at busy periods.
Call Screening Hover for more info Filter unwanted calls or accelerate preferential callers.
Inbound Caller Menu (IVR) Hover for more info Allow callers to navigate to correct departments easily & professionally.
Announcements Hover for more info Calls can be routed to announcements, whether for out-of-hours operations or to provide customer information services. I.e. To call alternative number.
Date & Time routing Hover for more info Re-route calls to voicemail, voice prompts or distributed call centres at busy periods or when office is out of hours.
Pre-Connect message Hover for more info Pre-connect messages are typically used for advice of a charge on premium rate numbers.
Percentage Routing Hover for more info Distributes & balances the volume of incoming call traffic between call centres or locations.
Callback Facility Hover for more info Allow callers to leave queuing system whilst enabling a callback message to be sent to a user agent requesting callback.

Sign-up-process & options

Call 0345 193 4567
Call straight away to speak to an account manager. No big sell - ask any questions & get information .
Sign up process
Transferring your line:

Whatever combination of services you take with BoxClever, migrating & signing up is pain free. If you unsure what combination of services you want please request a call back or call us on 0345 193 456 & we will tailor something exactly to our needs.

Transfer & set up charges
Transfer an existing BT lineYou don't need to tell your current provider that you're switching your phone line, we'll do that for you so you don't lose your connection. No charge If you are with another provider please
contact us
New Line Installation £80 If a completely new phone line needs to be installed, (Up to 16 working days).
New Multi Line Installation £80 Every new line in a multi-line has a one-off set-up charge.
Restart a Stopped Line £30 We always check to see if there is an existing (albeit stopped) line in your premises.
Standard Contracts
New Line Installation 12 Months
Transferred Line 12 Months
Understanding cost savings - Get a personalised report for your business
Unlike our competitors our line rental contracts are not riddled with short-term offers, hidden charges & prohibitively long-term contracts.

Business phone line: Frequently asked questions

If your query is not answered below please email us or request a callback.

Q. How long will it take for my new line to be installed?. Back to top

Depending on the available appointments from OpenReach it will be typically between 3 to 8 working days. At the time of placing your order we will select the soonest available appointment, however we can change this should this fail to suit you.

Q.Can I book a specific time for the engineer visit my home. Back to top

A. Yes – Openreach offer Flexible Appointments:

  • 7am - 8am Monday/Friday (EM)
  • 6pm - 9pm Monday/Friday (EV)
  • 8am - 6pm Monday/Friday (AM)
  • A one-off charge of £20+VAT applies to flexible appointments. If an appointment is missed or changed this charge is chargeable again.

I already have a phone socket. Can I use this? Back to top

A stopped line can be restarted the same day, and at a lower cost compared to a new installation. However before we restart a stopped line we ask you make some simple checks:

  • Located the telephone socket (Master)
  • Plugged in a handset and listened for a dial-tone
  • If you hear a dial tone dial “17070” this will will read back the circuit number of the line, we can then check with OpenReach to see if this matches there records.

As it is not necessary for an engineer visit it is important that we know the line and wiring are in good condition and working, hence the need to test with a telephone handset. Should you have a socket but it is without a dial-tone, then you will still need to have a new line installed with the full installation charges. If you do have a “stopped line” with a working telephone socket then the line can normally be restored the same day with the same number.

If you would like a different telephone number, or wish to pick your own number it may take a further 1-2 days to re-activate. The cost of restarting a stopped line is £30+VAT, the cost to change or pick a new number is £15+VAT

Q. How long does it take to move my telephone line from another provider?. Back to top

A. If the transfer is a like for like transfer of a line then a regulated timescale of 10 working days will apply. All the existing phone number(s) and features will be transferred in the process without any downtime or disruption to your service.

However If you are looking to transfer from an LLU based phone supplier such as Sky or TalkTalk or you wish to move away from Virgin, then additional steps, charges and time scales will apply. Please contact us for information.

Q. Will I lose my phone number/s in the move? Back to top

A. No - If we are transferring your line from another provider your phone number will remain the same.

Q. If I have a problem with my line who do I call? Back to top

A. Once a phone line has transferred to Boxclever Businesses you should call or email us for any assistance, whether this be general advice or help with a fault.

Q. Can I change my phone number / choose a number? Back to top

A. We are able to provide a number selection service, however please make us aware when placing a line rental order and we will email you a selection of numbers in your area to choose from. A one-off charge of £20+VAT applies to number selection requests.

Q. Can I order a NGN business number at the same time? Back to top

A. Yes – We have 1,000’s of businesses number to pick from, just let us know which type of business number you would like at the time of your order.