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+ Optional VoIP Express dedicated VoIP connection direct into our network


600 UK landline mins


Feat: Essential DR VoIPLiteVoIPLite

VoIP Pro

1000 UK landline mins


Feat: Advanced DR Get VoIp-ProVoIP Pro

Calls Only

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UK Mobile - 4p

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VoIP Express

Dedicated VoIP Lane

from: £16.50

High speed | Dedicated Explore VoIPExpressBusiness VoIP
VoIP Lines overview + Competitor comparison

Line Rental

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Line Rental

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Calls Only

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Competitors Basic Service


Competitors Basic Service


Competitors Basic Service


Boxclever features

Line Rental £5.95£10.95N/A £5 £4 £4.75
Free minutes (UK Landline) 6001000None 500 none 500
UK Mobile charge (per minute) 4p 4p 4p 20p 9p 10p/20p
Local call charge (per minute) 1p1p1p10.5p £1.25p 1p
Essential Disaster Recovery NA/ Explore
Advanced Disaster Recovery N/A N/A Explore
Emergency services 999
Free Inbound Number N/A
Voicemail N/A
Music On Hold
Call Hunting
Ring Groups
Extra Number £5N/A £2.99 £0 £2
Extension SIP £1.50 £1.50 N/A£0£0£0
Call Handling £13 Per Mnth £13 Per Mnth N/A Explore
VoIP Express N/A Explore
Free VoIP to VoIP
VoIPLite - Essential Line Rental for £5.95pm

If you rely heavily on inbound & outbound calls normal broadband simply isn't good enough. To ensure a quality connection add VoIPExpress to your bundle

VoIPLite - Line Rental -£5.95Features essential disaster recovery to protect your business from an outage.

Explore DR
A business starter VoIP Line package with 600 free minutes.

Get Service
Breakdown of features:
Single User Multiple user Description
Inbound Number
1 included 2 included 01/02/03 phone number as your main number
Free Free Messages are sent via email as MP3 file
Call Transfer
N/A Free Transfer calls between users or to outside line
Extra Number
N/A £5.00 Cost per number per month
Extension SIP
N/A £1.50 Per user extension
Number Port
£7.00 £7.00 Port your existing number
VoIP Lite - How VoIPLite works

If you are unsure about what type of VoIP service you need please contact us.

If you are apprehensive about switching to VoIP from a conventional landline service please view our landline rates & features - they are very competitive and retain BT quality & reliability.

VoIPPro - Advanced Line Rental £10.95

This service comes with advanced features rich disaster recovery in the cloud.

Tip: You can also take advantage of SilverCloud features on a day-to-day calls if you take a business number with us.

VoIPPro - Line Rental - £10.95

Ideal for companies that want extended call features &/or multiple users + 1000 free UK landline minutes & advanced disaster recover included. Get Service
A top level VoIP service featuring feature-rich call handling in the cloud

See Features

Explore SilverCloud
Breakdown of VoIP Pro features
Multiple User Single User Description
Disaster Recovery
SilverCloud SilverCloud View Capabilities
Inbound Number
2 included 1 included 01/02/03 phone number as your main number
Free Free Messages are sent via email as MP3 file
Call Transfer
Free N/A Transfer calls between users or to outside line
Extra Number
£5.00 N/A Cost per number per month
Extension SIP
£1.50 N/A Per user extension
Number Port
£7.00 £7.00 Port your existing number
Breakdown of SilverCloud DR features:
Number Translation Simple or feature-rich advanced number redirect services can be activated from non-geographic numbers.
Destinations Where calls are routed to sites with multiple numbers.
Geographic Routing Geographic routing allows for calls to be routed according to caller location.
Caller Presentation Presentation announcement can be played to identify the organisation based on the number customer dialled.
Prompt Management Business users manage their own prompts and announcements.
Call Queuing Avoid losing calls at busy periods.
Call Screening Filter unwanted calls or accelerate preferential callers.
Inbound Caller Menu (IVR) Allow callers to navigate to correct departments easily & professionally.
Announcements For relaying user information & audio-text services to customers.
Date & Time routing Re-route calls to voicemail, voice prompts or distributed call centres at busy periods or when office is out of hours.
Percentage Routing Distributes & balances the volume of incoming call traffic between call centres or locations.
Callback Facility Allow callers to leave queuing system whilst enabling a callback message to be sent to a user agent requesting callback.
Sign-up-process & options
Call 0345 193 4567

Call straight away to speak to an account manager. No big sell - ask any questions & get information .

Add VoIPExpress to a VoIP Line - from £22.50 per month

This service provides a high quality business VoIP connection. It is ideal for companies with 5 users or more & want to switch to VoIP from standard Line Rental. VoIP Express guarantees a quality voice line & avoids broadband congestion. A cost benefit example of switching to VoIP compared to BT is we are 24% cheaper per month: I.E - BT Line Rental 5 lines £86 - Boxclever VoIP Pro Line Rental with Voip Express £65.40 (This includes The physical line into your office).

More about VoIp Express.

Choosing VoIP Express stops your internet traffic from being mixed with conventional broadband traffic. For business wanting very reliable VoIP it is a must. This is because call quality & speed cannot be guaranteed on conventional broadband connection due to the common issues associated with congestion & peak time traffic (+ Business traffic is mixed with Residential traffic).

How it works

VoIPExpress - How it works
***** Business VoIP providers - Making VoIP Calls only - SIP Trunks

For high quality calls & reliability add Line Rental.

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*Local & National
1p 5p
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4p 20p Get Log-in
10p 22.2p Get Log-in

* Specific to 01/02/03 numbers. ** All UK operators

***** Business VoIP providers - More info:

If you are new to VoIP these are the main benefits.

The main benefit of using VoIP is (1) the dramatically low call cost, (2) the calls & voicemail are in the cloud so you can move your business around easily (even with mobile) not worrying about loss & network outages & (3) it's ease to set up. You can even add call center call handling (inc-DR), queuing, voice prompting & diverts out to multiple mobiles, offices for £13 per month including a business number.

How VoIP works

When you want to make a call using VoIP you either use a IP phone connected straight into your router, download a softphone App for a mobile or computer - which you can use on the go. You will not notice any big change in making calls but the call will travel over the internet to our intelligent switching network, if you take line rental, & then out to the traditional telephone network to connect to the number you dialled. With a VoIP telephone system you will get very, very cheap calls compared to using BT. There is no change to way people call you. Calls from VoIP to VoIP are free to both parties. If you require VoIP for an office location & you do not have reliable broadband or your business relies on Inbound & outbound calls you can avoid broadband congestion & enjoy enhanced call quality with VoIPExpress a dedicated VoIP business connection straight into our network.

VoIP diagram - How VoIP works
Understanding cost savings - Get a personalised report for your business
Unlike our competitors our line rental contracts are not riddled with short-term offers, hidden charges & prohibitively long-term contracts.
***** Business VoIP - Frequently asked questions

If your query is not answered below please email us or request a callback.

What is VoIP? Back to top

VoIP know as Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows voice to be sent over the Internet. Using an Internet connection and subscribing to a VoIP provider allows a person to make phone calls over the Internet to both normal and other VoIP users.

How does VoIP work? Back to top

First, voice is converted by a device, an ATN or phone changing the analogue signal to a digital signal. It is then sent over the Internet where it will be converted back to an analogue signal for the remaining distance to you can make calls to a traditional telephone number.

What kind of Internet connection do I need to use VoIP? Back to top

You will need is a good broadband Internet connection. And depending on variables such as the Codec in use, a connection should have at least 64kbps on both the upload and download.

Can I use my computer when I am on the VoIP phone? Back to top

Yes, you can work on the computer while on the VoIP phone. They should not conflict with each other. However if you download a large file and your Interconnection is slow you may experience some call quality problems.

How is the quality of VoIP call? Back to top

The quality of a VoIP call is usually as good as a standard telephone call. However the quality can depend on many factors like bandwidth, Internet connections.

What are the advantages of VoIP? Back to top

There are lots of advantages to VoIP over a traditional telephone service, such as, price, portability, and extra features. You can also pick a number, rather than be locked into certain area codes and prefixes. There are numerous FREE features as part of the service, such as call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, call forwarding on busy, etc.

What should I be aware of about using VoIP? Back to top

There are a number of things you should consider, depending on if you are a small business or a residential user. One of the main things to consider how much bandwidth you have available from your Internet provider especially if you are looking to run multiple VoIP lines. If you are looking to run multiple VoIP lines we would recommend having a dedicated Internet connection for VoIP use only.

What is a Softphone? Back to top

A softphone is the general term used to describe a VoIP phone connection where software that is installed on a PC. The PC acts as the phone and a head and microphone will be needed for conversations.

Once I install VoIP can I disconnect from my current telecom provider? Back to top

No, you will need a normal telephone number to have a line for an Internet connection.

Can I use a credit card machine over my VoIP connection? Back to top

VoIP does not support the technology required for these types of connections.

If I lose power will I still be able to make phone calls with VoIP? Back to top

Losing power can cause your Internet connection to go down. If this happens you will not be able to make calls unless you are equipped with a backup UPS.

How much bandwidth do I need to have a VoIP connection? Back to top

Depending on variables such as the Codec in use, your internet connection should have at least 100kbps on both the upload and download. Compressed Codecs, such as G729 use approximately 38kbps per connection, but even in these cases a good broadband connection is needed for useable service. In 99% of poor call quality id down to poor Internet connection speeds, this is often the case when using low cost bundled service providers.

Will 999 call work with VoIP? Back to top

Emergency 999 services are part of our VoIP service. At the time of registration you will be required to supply the address the VoIP service will be operating from, this should be updated if the service is moved to different location.

VoIP Phones

Yealink T18P - Entry Level IP Phone

T18P is a compact IP business phone with the renowned TI Titan chipset. Supporting a feature set that defies its price, the T18P offers reliable IP business performance. The T18P telephone offers power over ethernet (PoE) but also ships with a power supply unit.

Yealink T18P  telephone image

Yealink T22P - Yealink Business Level IP Phone

The Yealink T22P provides a business level phone for the Yealink range of VoIP phones. This three line business phone maximizes your office productivity.

The T22P telephone offers power over ethernet (PoE), with three SIP accounts and a clear 132 x 64 line LCD screen. The T22P is cost effective for small and large offices.

Strong provisioning is in place for the Yealink range, making the models perfect for ITSP's or large scale or flexible deployments. Fully compatible and a favourite with 3CX soft VoIP PBX for Microsoft Windows.

Yealink T18P  telephone image

Yealink T26P - Yealink Executive Business Level IP Phone

Yealink T26P is a 3 line executive business VoIP phone, approaching the top of the range of the Yealink VoIP desk phones. The T26P telephone offers more features than the T24P making it suitable for a busier office situation, or a user who demands more from the touch of a button. Features include power over Ethernet (PoE), three SIP accounts, 13 programmable keys with LED indication and busy lamp fields so you can see who out of your colleagues is either busy or on a call. Ideal for larger offices or a more demanding user wanting to perform common telephony tasks more easily.

Strong provisioning is in place for the Yealink range, making the models perfect for ITSP's or large scale or flexible deployments. Also compatible and a favourite with 3CX soft VoIP PBX for Microsoft Windows.

Yealink T18P  telephone image


600 UK landline mins


feat: Essential DR Get VoIpLite

VoIP Pro

1000 UK landline mins


feat: Advanced DR Get VoIp Pro

Calls Only

Keep your provider

UK Mobile - 4p

only same day set-up Get Free Account

VoIP Express

Dedicated VoIP Lane

from: £16.50

High speed | Dedicated Get VoIP Express