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Boxclever call charges - cheapest business calls

From a Telecom provider with over 14 years of experience providing solutions to small, medium & blue chip size companies.

Unlike other companies these call costs are available to your business without BoxClever Line Rental. More information.


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Local | National (peak 2p) 1p 1p 1-2p 10.5p 9.94p 7.95p
Mobile 5p 5p 4p 10.511.24p11.3p
Line RentalN/A£11.95£5.95 £17.20 £14.50 £13.90
Disaster Recovery green tick green tick gree tick Basic Basic None Explore
Call Center Handling + number N/A £13 £13 Red Cross Red Cross Red Cross Explore
High Speed VoIP connection N/A N/A gree tick Red Cross Red Cross Red Cross Explore
Free VoIP to VoIP N/A N/A gree tick N/A N/A N/A
Voicemail Red Cross Red Cross gree tick Red Cross Red Cross Red Cross
Call transfer Red Cross Red Cross gree tick Red Cross Red Cross Red Cross
Inbound Number gree tick gree tick gree tick Red Cross Red Cross Red Cross
No Capping gree tick gree tick gree tick gree tick Capped Capped
Smart Diverts Red Cross Red Cross gree tick Red Cross Red Cross Red Cross Red Cross
Add IP Phone system gree tick gree tick Red Cross Red Cross Red Cross Red Cross Explore
UK Support gree tick gree tick gree tick Red Cross Red Cross Red Cross Explore
Q. Boxclever call charges - Why should I take the cheap calls only option. How does this work?

You can stay with BT or other providers and switch your call billing to us. This means that you would be billed by your current network provider for the rental of the line and then a separate bill from BoxClever for your calls. Compare our rates above & you will see why customers switch to us.If this is your preferred option please sign up here

Why not make a 30% saving on line rental too. Consider:

If you switch your line rental & calls to BoxClever you make up to a 30% saving (& we are as reliable) compared with BT (& others) & comes with 2 different flavours of Disaster Recovery/Communications continuity for your business - LineLite & LinePro. Both of these line rental options feature levels of SilverCloud DR as standard. SilverCloud DR is a service whereby you control the way that your call flow can be split into multiple location or handset diverts whilst enabling call center level queuing, voice prompts, load distribution & much more. This is ideal for companies that need to 'failover' to multiple location diverts because of limitations of infrastructure &/or a company that already has an internal phone system in which case the call handling can be 'mirrored'. This service is commonly taken by any size company, from TAXI firms & Restaurants to large office environments whose reliance on inbound call traffic dictate a DR strategy must be in place.

It is also common for companies to upgrade to 'MyNumbers', a call center grade call handing facility which is deployed on a day-today basis for managing inbound call traffic - which is then mirrored in SilverCloud. This is particularly efficient because both methods are handling in the Cloud so whatever happens to your building, the calls stay in place. When you take MyNumbers you also take a business number (or move your number to us) which will include free minutes - learn more

Q. I want line rental & cheap business calls?

Traditional line:

We offer 2 different traditional line rental packages. LineLight & LinePro. Both these packages are up to 30% cheaper than BT & come with 2 different levels of Disaster Recovery/Communications continuity in the eventuality of an inbound call outage because of any one of a range of common failures - SilverCloud as standard.


Roughly half of our customers choose to benefit from the cheapest calls available (Including some free) by using VoIP.

VoIP means Voice Over I. P (AKA the internet) - so all calls go over the internet. We offer 2 different types of Lines for VoIP - VoIPLite & VoIPPro, multiple users, multiple extensions, I.P telephones, I.P telephone systems can added. There is no limit & it is much much cheaper than having a traditional system because it's in the cloud.

For companies that have high call volume or they use most of their bandwidth we provide a dedicated high speed VoIP connection that circumnavigates the normal broadband called VoIPExpress. This is a dedicated connection straight into our switching network. VoIPExpress can also be taken in conjunction with broadband,

As with other BoxClever products Business numbers & SilverCloud DR can also be added.


Q. I want essential DR for my business + cheap calls?

Both our line rental packages come with 2 different flavours of DR/continuity.

Q. I want advanced feature rich DR & call handling. What service do I choose?

Selecting LinePro line rental and choosing a Business Numbers tariff will give you advanced pinpoint call control over your inbound call traffic & Advanced Continuity/DR in the event of an outage.

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