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VoIP Phone System - Business Telephone Systems

Cloud Based Feature rich telephone systems completely removing the need for infrastructure

Business Telephone Systems


1-2 Basic features
UK Based Support


2 simultaneous calls Get ServicesBusiness Telephone Systems - sign up

3CX Enterprise

1-4 Extended features
Feat:3CX MyPhone


4 simultaneous calls Get ServiceVoIP Phone System - 3CX Enterprise

3CX Business

Professional features
Feat:3CX MyPhone

from: £149

4 - 1024 calls Get ServiceVoIP Phone System - 3cX Business

Optional Extras

Full Call Centre Features
Hotel Features

From £500

4 - 1024 calls/ Get ServiceBusiness telephone systems - Optional extras
Options, Features & Prices


MAX 2 simultaneous calls


3CX E'prise

MAX 4 simultaneous calls


3CX Business

4 - 1024 simultaneous calls


Call Center

4-1024 simultaneous calls

- Explore

Hotel Option

4-1024 simultaneous calls

- Explore

Extra Info


Price £50.00 £99 from £149 from £500 from £630 Business telephone systems
Simultaneous calls 2 4 4-1024 4-1024 4-1024 More info
Number of Extensions 2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited More info
3CX MyPhone PC Control App tick Essential Advanced Advanced Advanced More info
24/7 Fault Reporting tick tick tick tick tick More info
Call Queuing tick tick tick tick tick More info
Digital Receptionists / IVRcrossticktick tick tick More info
Call Recording tick tick tick tick tick More info
VoIP Express From £22.50 From £22.50 From £33.50 From £42.50 From £53.50 More info Explore
Feature-Rich Disaster Recovery £13 £13 £13 £13 £13 More info Explore
Ring / Hunt groups tick tick tick tick tick More info
Call Transfer tick tick tick tick tick More info
Voicemail tick tick tick tick tick More info
Music On Hold tick tick tick tick tick More info
Monitor Call Status tick tick tick tick tick More info
Advanced Reporting tick tick tick tick tick More info
Listen/Whisper/Barge tick tick tick tick tick More info
Call Center Management tick tick tick tick tick More info Explore
UK Support tick tick tick tick tick More info Explore

Business Telephone systems - Essential Benefits:

Essential disaster recovery

- Feature rich DR can added
more info Complete call management & redirects if the eventuality of a building outage
State-of-the-art telephone system more info A resilient professional image for your company + all the latest in-call features
Pay as you grow more info Flexibility, Cost control, Call Management
Run business from anywhere more info Unlike BT fixed line services IP systems allow you to move to another location painlessly
Future Proof more info Business Telephone Systems - No software maintenance
Instant redirects
Easily move entire system
Reduce current telephone lines
Dramatically reduce costs
No large capital outlay
Business Telephone systems -Sign-up-process & options
Call 0345 193 4567
Call straight away to speak to an account manager. No big sell - ask any questions & get information .
Call Centre

An additional module that can be added to your chosen or existing 3CX system

Advanced real time queue statistics

Monitor queue status in detail

Review the number of callers in a Queue

Log agents in & out of queues
Advanced Agent Statistics

Time an agent logged in/out of queue

Review the number of answered/unanswered calls

Average & longest wait time + more

Call back Features

Allow customers to hang up & retain their position in the queue. Customer is called back when agent becomes available
Additional Queue Strategies

Round Robin, Longest waiting, Least Talk Time, Fewest Answered, Hunt By Threes - Random, Hunt By Threes - Prioritised
SLA Alerts

Supervisors & managers can be notified when callers have to wait beyond a configurable amount of time

Events are logged in order to meet customer service requirements

SLA notification emails are sent to supervisor
Listen in

Supervisors can screen calls by listening in without the agent & caller knowing

The supervisor can relay information to the agent without the customer knowing
Cut phone bill in half by using VoIP for hotel calls

VoIP phone system - Hotel PBX is an easy to manage and very cost effective system to deploy. It allows you to replace your old and expensive Mitel, Nortel, NEC, Siemens or other Hotel-PBX. You can easily re-use the existing analog phones in your hotel rooms - there is no need to upgrade them to IP phones.

Re-use your analog phones in your hotel rooms

Display guest name on reception, room service, management phones

Provides wake up calls, check-in/checkout, Do Not Disturb

Maid status allows housekeeping to set room status via phone

Integrates with many Property Management via several interfaces

Includes an easy to use Web Interface for hotel staff

Print log off calls made during Guest's stay
VoIP Phones

Yealink T18P - Entry Level IP Phone

T18P is a compact IP business phone with the renowned TI Titan chipset. Supporting a feature set that defies its price, the T18P offers reliable IP business performance. The T18P telephone offers power over ethernet (PoE) but also ships with a power supply unit.

Yealink T18P  telephone image

Yealink T22P - Yealink Business Level IP Phone

The Yealink T22P provides a business level phone for the Yealink range of VoIP phones. This three line business phone maximises your office productivity.

The T22P telephone offers power over ethernet (PoE), with three SIP accounts> and a clear 132 x 64 line LCD screen. The T22P is cost effective for small and large offices.

Strong provisioning is in place for the Yealink range, making the models perfect for ITSP's or large scale or flexible deployments. Fully compatible and a favourite with 3CX soft VoIP PBX for Microsoft Windows>.

Yealink T18P  telephone image

Yealink T26P - Yealink Executive Business Level IP Phone

Yealink T26P is a 3 line executive business VoIP phone, approaching the top of the range of the Yealink VoIP desk phones. The T26P telephone offers more features than the T24P making it suitable for a busier office situation, or a user who demands more from the touch of a button. Features include power over Ethernet (PoE), three SIP accounts, 13 programmable keys with LED indication and busy lamp fields so you can see who out of your colleagues is either busy or on a call. Ideal for larger offices or a more demanding user wanting to perform common telephony tasks more easily.

Strong provisioning is in place for the Yealink range, making the models perfect for ITSP's or large scale or flexible deployments. Also compatible and a favourite with 3CX soft VoIP PBX for Microsoft Windows.

Yealink T18P  telephone image
Add VoIpExpress from £22.50 per month

A dedicated VoIP Express lane direct into our network. Avoid broadband congestion & enjoy enhanced call quality

New to VoIP?Speak to someone

This service provides a high quality business VoIP connection. It is ideal for companies with 5 users or more & switching to VoIP from standard Line Rental - VoIP Express guarantees a quality voice line & avoids broadband congestion. A cost benefit example of switching to VoIP compared to BT is we are 24% cheaper per month: I. E - BT Line Rental 5 lines £86 - Boxclever VoIP Pro Line Rental with VoIP Express £65.40 (This includes The physical line into your office). Boxclever outbound calls are also up to 90% cheaper.

  • To use VoIP Express & you need to have the following to VoIP Express to get up & running. Arrow
  1. VoIP Line Rental - VoIP Pro (Required)*From £10.95 per month. Features 1000 free minutes 4p to Mobile | 1p Local. Includes feature-rich disaster recovery.
  2. Optional:
  3. Business Number (Optional) - with cloud based Feature -Rich calls & Disaster Recovery £13
Already using VoIPSpeak to someone

Adding VoIP Express to an existing VoIP set-up is the very best solution available for companies that are suffering from poor/unreliable/jitter/delay in call quality. You might be using VoIP with either a IP telephone/s or an existing PABX system, either way VoIP Express replaces a conventional broadband connection (removing the congestion & priority issues that cause bad quality), with a prioritised connection direct into our Intelligent Telecom Network. From 1 to 600 users VoIP Express is head & shoulders the best solution. Welcome the VoIPLane!

  • VoIP Express can be taken as a stand-alone-service as a SIP Trunk or you can also add:Arrow
  • You might also be interested in our services that are used in conjunction VoIP:

  1. VoIP Line Rental - VoIP Pro or VoIPLite*From £10.95 per month. Features 1000 free minutes 4p to Mobile | 1p Local. Includes feature-rich disaster recovery.
  2. Optional:
  3. Business Number (Optional) - with cloud based Feature Rich calls & Disaster Recovery £13
Frequently asked questions

If your query is not answered below please email us or request a callback.

Q. Can I use my existing broadband connection? Back to top

Yes, for home workers and very small sites you can use your existing broadband service. However, for guaranteed call quality and line availability for larger sites (5 users or more) we recommend a dedicated ADSL VoIP network.

Q. Can I use the Boxclever 3CX service at home? Back to top

Yes, Home workers can login as an extension from home with all the same features as if in they are in the office.

Q. What is Cloud IP telephony? Back to top

This means that we “host” all of the expensive equipment in a secure central site and provide customers with access to this over our own IP network. No expensive telephone system is required on the customer site.

Q. What is VoIP? Back to top

VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. This is the method of delivering telephone calls using internet technology as the delivery mechanism. This technology is becoming the new standard in telephony in the business market place as well as being highly cost efficient.

Q. How many lines do I get? Back to top

Depending on the extensions you require and your existing broadband connection you can start from as low as 1 concurrent call and two internal extensions. However you can choose a 4, 6, 12, 24, 48 line package. Note that your voicemail and call divert functions will still work even when all your lines are busy.

Q. How long is the contract? Back to top

Our contracts run for 12 months and the minimum commitment for a customer is 12 months.

Q. What do I need to install it? Back to top

We would recommend using supported IP phones as these simply plug into your existing LAN infrastructure. Depending on the package you have decided on we can also supply a PC based IP phone, you will need a headset and microphone for this system.

Q. How long does it take to set up? Back to top

This is depending on your requirements and call flow, but the PABX can be setup and online within 3 working days of a completed order. Network (ADSL WLR3) delivery and provisioning should take no more than 14 days.

Q. What happens if the network fails? Back to top

In this unlikely event all incoming calls fail we automatically transfer the calls to another landline, mobile/s or to voicemail ensuring no calls are lost.

Q. Can I keep my existing numbers? Back to top

Yes, Boxclever can port your existing BT numbers onto our network.

Q. Will I still get a bill from BT? Back to top

No, Boxclever is a complete service where we provide everything on one simple monthly bill, unless you decide to retain BT as your ADSL and Line rental provider.

Q. Can I access the Internet using Boxclever ADSL for VoIP? Back to top

No, our ADSL for VoIP service is an stand alone, secure voice only service. Internet access is should be kept separate.

Q. Can I use other SIP /VoIP or router devices? Back to top

Yes, however none of the enhanced Boxclever features will transfer onto other SIP devices. We do not support other providers SIP devices so all configuration and management must be handled by the customer themselves. We would strongly recommend using a router that offers QoS.

Q. Can I use my existing phone system? Back to top

Yes. You can use our SIP trunking service which will enable your existing IP enabled PBX’s to take advantage of our VOIP network and great call charges. We also offer a full CPS service if you are running a conventional PABX system.

Q. Do I get free calls? Back to top

Yes, all VoIP On-net calls are free. We also offer a number of packages that offer inclusive free calls for a fix monthly cost.

Q. Can I still use my existing least cost routing (LCR) provider? Back to top

No, Boxclever is a carrier and terminates all of your traffic to the Public Telephone Network. With VOIP call costs are vastly reduced so there is no requirement for LCR.

Q. Will I still be able to use my Fax or PDQ machine? Back to top

Yes, however, we recommend that these services should be delivered using analogue lines, which Boxclever can provide.

Q. Do I need a maintenance agreement? Back to top

No, as our solution is hosted we are responsible for all central site maintenance and updates.