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Disaster Recovery for your business

available on all line rental products & Business Numbers

1.Why have a continuity plan
The common causes of inbound/outbound call failure

"54 percent of companies stated that they had been affected by a communications failure." Source - Contingency Planning & Management Magazine.

outgae diagram 1

Outages are common & they come in many different flavours. Latest figures show that 53% of businesses have experienced a Telecom outage & 70% of those did not have a plan in place.

If you are currently using BT, Virgin and experience an outage, the only guarantee you have is that the problem will be looked at within 5 hours. (Not fixed).

2. Understanding the risks
A 50-50 chance you experience an outage - it's your call(s).

How much does each hour of downtime cost your business?

How do quantify the damage caused to your brand if customers cannot get through to you?

How can you measure how many customers go to another company in such an event?

How long can you continue to operate before an outage situation becomes critical?

3. SilverCloud - solution
Relax - remove the risk of significant loss to your business & it's reputation
outage diagram 2

With 'SilverCloud' there is no change to your telecom infrastructure & no disruption to service - just a small monthly fee that enables you to redirect all your calls, using the cloud, to multiple sites, mobile telephones & comes with essential call handling (if you keep your telephone line & number with BT or similar) or advanced call handling features such as & IVR,call queuing + more (If you port or take a business number with us).

Unlike other providers, who only offer an absolute basic redirect, you simply pre configure a comprehensive set of redirects & if things go down you activate via a *call to us or *via mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop using 3G, GPRS, WiFi signal. Done!

outage diagram 3

SilverCloud can be set up quickly and can be used as a stand solution, with VoIP lines or Land Lines. so you can stay with your existing provider if you choose.

Key Benefits:
Risk manage:
  • Reputation
  • Revenue
  • Disruption
  • Perceived reliability of your business
  • Customer service levels
  • Your professional reputation
  • Call queuing, welcome messages, voicemail etc
  • Switch over to alternative systems
  • A sufficient disaster recovery strategy
  • Flexible working
  • The unexpected

SilverCloud Lite
For essential business DR
  • Redirect to landline or mobile
  • Activated within minutes
  • Included in all standard lines
  • Set up in 7 - 10 days
  • Available on single or multiple lines
  • Stay on the BT Network

Get this service with:

  1. LineLite
  2. VoIPLite
SilverCloud Pro
Feature rich multiple location DR
  • Self managed through online portal
  • Diverted in seconds
  • Multiple location diverts
  • Voicemail
  • Call queuing + much more
  • Mirror your existing call handling

Get this service with:

  1. LinePro
  2. VoIPPro
  3. Business Numbers

* If you do not have a SilverCloud Pro your fail over has to be activated by a call. If you have a SilverCloud Pro you manage your diverts via a web interface using desktop, mobile, smart devices using a 3G, 4G, GPRS mobile connection.

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