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BoxClever launches VoIP Express

Author: DC - 01|11|12

VoIP Express is service designed to circumnavigate the common issues of customers using a VoIP Line (with a Softphone, IP Phone or PABX IP Telephone system) over common broadband connections. The common issues with this type of connectivity is either a slow connection at peak times or the use of broadband connections for internet, data transferring clogging up the line. VoIP Express provides a dedicated traffic lane which does not go over the public internet. Instead all voice calls are configured to pass direct (both ways) into our network, the traffic is then handled by our intelligent platform (if you have a business number), before going back over the more conventional telephone network. Even as a stand alone system this service greatly enhances the reliability and quality of calls. If you integrate this with VoIP Line Rental, & SilverCloud customers can have unrivalled call handling, uncompromising call quality & a comprehensive facility to manage the communications continuity for call traffic.

SilverCloud -
An innovative solutions for communications continuity

Author: DC - 16|08|12

SilverCloud is the latest in a line of releases from BoxClever which helps unify business communications needs under one roof. This provision enables customers to micro manage their disaster recovery policy. Whether a business has a conventional landline, VoIP line or PBX system a systematic & comprehensive plan for ensuring calls continue in & out the office space continues in a wide variety of ways. If the local exchange goes down, a line is cut or the building suffers an electrical outage or even flooding all calls can be instantly failed over to a multitude of geographically separate locations & handsets, including mobile phones &' employees home line whilst retaining an extensive method of handling the calls, including call queuing, Callback, DTMF (customers hits button to get department), IVR, load balancing & much more. Customers can enjoy this same level of call handling for day-to-day calls by taking a business number.