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Unified Telephony, Internet & Communication for BusinessSales: 0345 193 4567
A professional UK Business number with call handling from £15 per month with free line rental - limited period offer

*Excludes 0800, 0808 numbers. *3 months free on 01/02 numbers

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Uk Wide



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Connection FREE connection / Transfer existing number for free
Bronze Number monthly fee £15
Silver Number monthly fee £25
Gold Number monthly fee £40
Line Rental Included SAVING over £185 per year*
Call Handling Yes - advanced MyNumbers -
Free Minutes to landline only 1500 5000 5000 1500 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
or Free Minutes to mobile only 250 250 250 250 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Divert to mobile 3 pence
Free minutes to landline & mobile £10 to include both landline and mobile free minutes.
Extra Minutes (per month) 2p 1p 1p 2p - - -
Revenue Share to you (per min) - - - - - 2.5p 6p
Low cost to Call from Landline green tick green tick green tick - green tick - -
Low cost from Mobile Phone green tick green tick green tick - - - -
Web based Control Panel
Inbound caller menu Minimise the need for manual call handling by staff
Voicemail to email Never miss a message & retrieve on the go
Instant Disaster Recovery Switch calls to another office or mobile within seconds whilst retaing call handling
Reporting (Usually extra charge) Provides you with a breakdown of all call traffic
Time of day routing Select where your calls go during business and out-of-hours

*Savings based on BT standard line rental. No transfer costs. Line rental is not obligatory when taking a Boxclever number. Offer excludes 0800 & 0808 freephone number. 3 months free on 01/02 numbers.

Call handling - MyNumbers with every business number

Pinpoint manages your call flow & how they are handled with prompts, queuing, redirected + more. MyNumbers main page

SilverCloudDR - Disaster Recovery hover for more info A fail over solution that offers a seamless handover of all inbound calls to another landline, office or mobile phone in case of an interruption to your internet service. Call handling remains intact.

Learn more abut DR
Number Translation hover for more info Simple or feature-rich advanced number redirect services can be activated from non-geographic numbers.
Destinations hover for more info Where calls are routed to sites with multiple numbers.
Geographic Routing hover for more info Geographic routing allows for calls to be routed according to caller location.
Caller Presentation hover for more info Presentation announcement can be played to identify the organisation based on the number customer dialled.
Prompt Management hover for more info Business users manage their own prompts and announcements.
Call Queuing hover for more info Avoid losing calls at busy periods.
Call Screening hover for more info Filter unwanted calls or accelerate preferential callers.
Inbound Caller Menu (IVR) hover for more info Allow callers to navigate to correct departments easily & professionally.
Announcements hover for more info For relaying user information & audio-text services to customers.
Date & Time routing hover for more info Re-route calls to voicemail, voice prompts or distributed call centres at busy periods or when office is out of hours.
Percentage Routing hover for more info Distributes & balances the volume of incoming call traffic between call centres or locations.
Callback Facility hover for more info Allow callers to leave queuing system whilst enabling a callback message to be sent to a user agent requesting callback.
Keeping your Number:

This takes 7-10 days. You will then be charged your monthly fee for your number.

Keep your number Once transferred Boxclever numbers can be moved to any office anywhere in UK/world easily
No loss of service Seamless/handover transition of number without any downtime
Administration free One off small administration fee to cover the costs of porting
Free call divert & rerouting Free minutes in most packages
Online management of numbers Pinpoint manage all of your numbers from one online control interface using mobile, smart devices & PC's

Frequently asked questions

Q. What are the advantages of having a BoxClever? Back to top

The key advantage of having a BoxClever number is that you get a professional number of your choice & feature-rich call center call handling for all of your inbound calls. This includes call queuing, voice-prompts (+ much more). Unlike other providers this service also incorporates the full range of sophisticated methods in which to hand your calls in the cloud in the eventuality of an inbound call outage, i.e. a building outage caused by power failure, flood damage, damaged telephone line, local exchange outage. There are also many more features & methods of handling calls.

Q. How does a BoxClever number work? Back to top

When you purchase a Boxclever number it will be hosted on our intelligent switching network. You keep your existing telephone number & configure your new number to be directed to it. When a customer calls your BoxClever number it will then route to this number or combination of numbers (Mobile, Landline's, VoIP phones - as many numbers as you want) - this is all managed by you. The way in which all of these calls to this number are handled, queued & distributed is controlled by you by logging into MyNumbers control panel.

Q. Can I have access online to change where my number is pointed to? Back to top

Yes, this is all part of how you manage your inbound calls through MyNumbers - call handling.

Q. Can anyone call my number in the UK and abroad? Back to top

Yes, subject to their telephone operator. Some operators may restrict calls to certain UK numbers. If you want to use a business number calling into the UK please contact us & we can make sure that the number you require is suitable for your needs.

Q. Can I have a memorable number? Back to top

Yes, we have many numbers available. Please contact us for more information.

Q. Can my number be used on a VoIP phone? Back to top

Yes, our service works perfectly with VoIP. Just let us know at the time of placing your order and we will set your number up as a VoIP telephone number. You will also need to supply information on the location of the phone for the Emergency services.

Q. Can I divert to a mobile number? Back to top

Yes, calls can be forwarded to a UK or international mobile phone number. However charges will incur to do so, this cost is currently 3p per minute to a UK mobile phone. Please contact us for call cost to international mobile phones.

Q. Am I tied to a long contract? Back to top

All contracts are 12 months.

Q. How long does it take for my number to be connected? Back to top

Once we have received your order and payment, BoxClever numbers are usually connected within 24 hours.

Q. How much will my BoxClever number cost me? Back to top

Pricing is simple. You pay 1 monthly fee of £15, £25,£40 depending on if you take Bronze, Silver or a Gold number.

Q. Are there any hidden charges?Back to top

There are no hidden charges, all charges are clearly explained on the web site and are all shown to you again before ordering to confirm that you understand the pricing and have accepted the terms and conditions.

Q. Can I add features to my BoxClever number? Back to top

If you would like a feature that is not listed or advice on the best solution for you please contact us and we will be able to offer you help and advice on how to get the call package you require.

Q. What is per second billing?

Per second billing is an important feature for our customers because unlike our competitors we only charge for each second used rather than rounding-up or billing in 30 or 60 second increments.

Back to top

Q. Can I monitor how many calls I am receiving to my number? Back to top

MyNumbers report provides a breakdown of calls including which inbound numbers have been dialed by callers to your numbers/s, number of busy calls, average call duration, percentage of answered calls & much more. All information can be exported to CSV for further manipulation & in-house reporting. Unlike our competitors we do not charge extra for this service.